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Purpose of Saudi Association Day

Advance the capabilities of the professional, health and academic associations in the Kingdom, to enable them to organize outstanding meetings and conferences and build partnerships with their peers from international associations, and successfully attract international conferences to the Kingdom.


Targeted Audience of Saudi Associations Day

Members of the Board of Directors, General Secretaries, CEOs and Officials working at professional, scientific and medical associations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Date & Time

15 Safar 1438 H. corresponding to November 15th 2016 AD from 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM



Al Madinah – KSA


Saudi associations Program

Sessions and lectures by a group of specialists include the following topics:

- Brief of the Conventions and Exhibitions Sector and Saudi Exhibition & Convention Bureau

- Role of organizations in the economic growth and business sector development

- Facts and aspirations of Saudi associations

- Modern methodologies adopted in the associations’ management

-  Successful management of the associations’ meetings



The participants in “The Saudi Associations’ Day” can still take part in all the activities of the Fourth Saudi Conventions and Exhibitions Forum, which continues throughout the third day: 15 Nov. 2016



Association Day Registration is limited to the CEOs, board members trustees and chief executives of professional scientific, medical, health and social care associations, and Forum Sponsors.

Association Day Registers, can attend all Forum’s sessions and activities   ​